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We are Still Married : Stories and Letters

We Are Still Married - Garrison Keillor I'm a huge Keillor fan. His essays are insightful and jammed with an elegant, graceful humor, and his more creative efforts are at the very least interesting. At their best, they're mind expanding.For example, in We Are Still Married, he forgoes the usual author's photo on the back sleeve, preferring to insert a short essay on the wonders of the book (short excerpt):"Slow to hatch, as durable as a turtle, light and shapely as befits a descendant of the tree. Closed, the object d'book resembles a board. Open, its pale wings brush the fingertips, the spore of fresh ink and pulp excites the nose, the spines easily in the hand."We Are Still Married is a delightful mix of essay, stories, letters and other creative snippets. It's my favorite Keillor work, but then, there are still a couple left to read.