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Something's Fishy: An Angler's Look at How We've Distressed Gamefish and Their Waters - and How We Can Protect and Preserve Them Both

Something's Fishy: An Angler's Look at Our Distressed Gamefish and Their Waters - And How We Can Preserve Both - Ted Williams In [book:Something's Fishy], [author:Ted Williams] writes passionately of the outdoors, his hard-hitting essays skewering those who would thoughtlessly strip of us our remaining recreational and commercial fisheries. I've long admired Williams for his uncompromising approach; at a time when hook and bullet journalism is plunging to new lows, Williams bucks the trend towards lightweight outdoor reporting, laying bare corruption and greed with the skill of a surgeon.His deeply researched pieces are powerfully written, and he takes special pleasure in letting despoilers hang themselves with their own words. Williams is also no shrinking violet when it comes to environmental groups; he lays into several for opposing the recovery of native fish populations.Something's Fishy is not lighthearted reading - if you don't get a little angry at what you're reading, then check your pulse; you might be dead.While the bulk of the book is composed of journalistic essays, Williams sprinkles in a few essays showcasing his power as an outdoor writer. In short, it's a book that's well worth reading, if only to keep writers like Williams at the keyboard. I once said that Ted Williams (writing in Fly Rod & Reel and Audubon) did more for fisheries than all the other fishing and hunting magazines combined.Someting's Fishy is ample proof that my statement wasn't entirely rhetorical.