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The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories

The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories - Walter Jon Williams Walter Jon Williams remains one of science fiction's truly underappreciated authors (Hardwired might remain cyberpunk's true "coming out" novel). Fortunately, for fans of short fiction, Williams doesn't limit himself to novel-length works; The Green Leopard Plague is a powerful collection of short works, expecially the titled work (which won a Nebula Award). With only one or exception, the other stories - notably The Last Ride of German Freddie, Lethe and Daddy's World - aptly demonstrate Williams' range.Special notice should be paid to Pinocchio, which reflects so clearly the consequences of our "instant feedback," 24-hours of "on" social media frenzy that it might be considered more mockumentary story than fiction. Inventive and stylish, Williams' short works remind me just a little bit of Roger Zelazny's short stories - crisp and clean (often jewel-like) without sacrificing his characters on the altar of brevity.Since it's a must-read piece of short science fiction, I give it five genetically engineered thumbs up.