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Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch

Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch - Richard Hine I'll classify this as a dark comedy -- the decline of the newspaper world as seen through the eyes of a yes-man executive with an incompetent boss and a mean (and ultimately unfaithful) wife. At times darkly amusing or just plain depressing, it reads a little like a print version of The Office. Despite its flaws, it's still an engaging read -- right up until the finish, where in one fell swoop, formerly helpless management fixes everything and the central character's employees are given free reign, going "viral" and saving the newspaper and the sun sets slowly in the west...In other words, the book is an interesting character study, but the the finish feels abrupt and tacked on. I give it three stars for the quality of the writing, and would take a hard look at another novel by this author.