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American Gods

American Gods - Neil Gaiman This book finished far better than it started; the first 100 pages had a cursory quality to them, though ultimately the story improved (and grew a little more believable, even as it grew less believable, an odd statement but likely clear to those who have read this book). I'm wavering between three and four stars; it was intricately plotted and an interesting story, but at times it seemed a little loose, and it still isn't entirely clear to me why Shadow was so important to the gods that he was brought in at the level he was.Zelazny did this sort of thing about as well as anyone, and I don't know that Gaiman's work measures up to this standard, though I liked it far better than Stephen Brust's recasting of Lucifer's fall (To Reign in Hell).Others have compared it to Stephen King's The Stand, whose characters never quite sprang to life for me.Gaiman's book does nicely gather steam and offers up a satisfying finish, and it'll probably creep up to four starts by the time I'm done writing this review, though I don't really understand how they're making a series out of the thing. After reading the book, I'm not sure I'll watch.