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The Writing Life

The Writing Life - Annie Dillard Annie Dillard is a brilliant writer, but this book -- a collection of meditations on writing -- meanders around her writing career, sometimes stopping for a minute or two to kick at the dirt.Sprinkled throughout are stories about other writers and adventurers, and while some sparkle, others feel forced, left to dangle. The Writing Life is not a how-to manual or a bulleted list of pointers for young writers (no one said it was) -- and it's clearly the kind of meditation that invites the writer to wander -- but while the prose is sometimes beautiful and the glimpses into her life are interesting, The Writing Life ultimately feels unfocused.It's a thin book and because it's written by Annie Dillard the prose is at times breathtaking, but it doesn't reach the level of a book that will find a permanent place on my shelf.