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How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy

How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy - Orson Scott Card This is the third "writers on writing" book I've read, and Card's How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy is more grounded and specific than Lamott's Bird by Bird and Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing.Card discusses basic science fiction concepts like world building, creating believable characters -- and the literary dangers surrounding time travel, aliens and related concepts.As a writing teacher and Hugo & Nebula award winning sci-fi novelist, Card clearly has some insight into writing quality science fiction and fantasy, and more importantly, he uses real-world examples to highlight his points. The overall impression is one of a teacher offering hard-earned insight -- a book that's grounded and helpful to beginning writers. It's not an examination of the author's own process (though that certainly makes an appearance), and it's not a particularly inspiring book (outside of making it all look fairly easy), but it is a good book for novice to intermediate writers. The book is copyrighted in 1991, so the chapter on the business side of writing is significantly out of date, and in fact, one of my big reservations about the book is that it's showing its age a little. Much has happened in the science fiction world over the last 25 years, and while Card's advice about writing science fiction remains sound, it's not exactly current. That's why four stars instead of five; it's an excellent reference work, but it's not exactly a contemporary one.