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A Princess of Mars (Penguin Classics)

A Princess of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Seelye Yeah, I know it's schlocky pulp science fiction. And yeah, I know it's written in stilted, overly manly prose.But with Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic "A Princess of Mars" now headed for the big screen (starring Friday Night Lights' most-excellent Taylor Kitsch), I thought it was time to read what is pretty clearly a sci-fi pulp classic. And despite the plot holes, loose ends and macho posturing, I have to say it was great fun. It's also true I look forward to the movie more than the sequel to the book, but nevertheless, adventure is adventure, and I gave this story of an earth man inexplicably transplanted to a savage, slowly dying Mars three stars. (Project Gutenburg hosts a free ebook version)