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On Writing - Stephen King Re-read in May, 2012: I've subjected myself to a lot of "how I write" books over the last year, and this remains one of the best. As someone who has made my living as a copywriter for more than 25 years, I don't believe anyone can throw a template or simple step-by-step "system" at the craft of writing and expect it to work. I think the better writing books acknowledge that, and Stephen King does a good job of laying out his writing process while combining it with examples from his career. The result is an engaging bio/how-to book that has earned a fair amount of respect. It's more process oriented than Anne Lamott's amusing and inspirational Bird by Bird, and overall -- though I'm not a huge fan of Stephen King's books -- I am huge fan of Stephen King the writer. A funny, entertaining memoir about the writer's life, and though some of the advice in the second half of the book is a little too specific (time has altered the industry some), it's still something aspiring writers will want to read.