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The Portable MFA in Creative Writing: Improve Your Craft with the Core Essentials Taught to MFA Students (New York Writers Workshop)

Portable MFA in Creative Writing - New York Writers Workshop, The New York Writer's Workshop I couldn't finish it. I read the Introduction (a few alarms went off) and jumped right to the Magazine Writing chapter, which was... awful. Basic information on writing queries, a lot of overwritten examples, and a large number of celebrity anecdotes from the author. The chapter on personal essay sank even deeper, mostly under the weight of serial adjective abuse.Overall, the book reads like a slightly ambitious blog post by people with an axe to grind surrounding MFA programs and "great" writers. I'm a 25 year veteran of the copywriting world who was looking for hints about structuring longer pieces, and this book didn't provide that. Perhaps the Fiction chapter was much better, but based on the bits I read, you'd do better to buy a New Yorker, read it, and deconstruct the stories. You can learn the "How to Query" basics from almost any decent publishing website.