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Bass Wars: A Story of Fishing, Fame and Fortune

Bass Wars: A Story of Fishing, Fame and Fortune - Nick Taylor I first read Nick Taylor's Bass Wars more than a decade ago, and it struck me as a fun, penetrating look at the professional bass fishing tournament circuit.I'm not necessarily the kind of guy who gravitates to "year in the life" books about professional sports, but Taylor spent a year following the heavy hitters and wannabees of the professional fishing world, and what he produced was interesting enough that a couple friends -- who don't fish -- found it engrossing. The pro bass fishing world has changed a lot since Taylor wrote about it, but the story is timeless, and the real people populating this book are rendered so faithfully -- and so interestingly -- you simply can't look away.It's good enough that I pulled it off the shelf and re-read it on a whim, and -- as with my first reading -- I turned the final page and found myself wishing Taylor would have written a second installment. Bass Wars is somewhat dated, but a great story never really goes out of date.