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My Favorite Year: A Collection of Football Writing

My Favorite Year: A Collection of Football Writing - Roddy Doyle, Nick Hornby, Ed Horton, Matt Nation, Graham Brack, Olly Wicken, Harry Pearson, Harry Ritchie, Don Watson, Chris Pierson, Huw Richards, D.J. Taylor This is a fun collection of essays from many U.K. writers about their favorite season in English football (soccer to us Yanks).Edited by Nick Hornby, each writer recounts their personal favorite year in the life of their favorite football club, and while it's engrossing stuff, I'd suggest you need some knowledge of British football to truly understand what they're talking about.It's not that anyone's bombarding us with technical football jargon; it's that many are writing about the heartbreak of supporting small, underfunded football clubs, who regularly threaten to succeed, but usually fail, especially in the face of the bigger, better-funded clubs.The English club system is woven into the fabric of its society, which is why so many of these writers point to seasons which occurred when the writer was in still in single-digit territory. I enjoyed these (I'm a fan of U.K. football), and found most of the essays amusingly (and sweetly) rendered. I'd give it 3.5 stars if possible, but don't want to further tarnish my reputation as a Honrby fanboy by giving it four.