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Housekeeping Vs. the Dirt: Fourteen Months of Massively Witty Adventures in Reading Chronicled by the National Book Critics Circle Finalist for Criticism

Housekeeping vs. the Dirt - Nick Hornby There's not much to dislike about this collection of Hornby's typically entertaining book reviews, which are (interestingly) posted in the form of a monthly "Books Bought" and "Books Read" tally. Hornby's reviews are a crisp and engaging as his novels, and while I haven't read most of the books he's reviewing, my "books to read" list grew alarmingly by the time I reached the end of the collection. Hornby doesn't just review the books; he knots the books together into a rope, pointing out that nobody reads books in a vacuum; they follow one another, sometimes adding and sometimes detracting from the books you read before and after. He also ties the books into the events of his own life, and overall, the effect is one of a very smart friend talking to you about his month's reading over dinner and a couple of beers. I'm a Hornby fan and plan to read The Polysyllabic Spree (the first in the review series; this is the second), and Shakespeare Wrote For Money (the third).