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The Polysyllabic Spree: A Hilarious and True Account of One Man's Struggle with the Monthly Tide of the Books He's Bought and the Books He's Been Meaning to Read

The Polysyllabic Spree - Nick Hornby Hornby's book reviews are almost as engrossing as his novels, and this book encompasses a year's worth of book reviews, or more accurately, this book holds a year's worth of Hornby's Believer magazine columns. He lists the books he buys each month vs the books he actually reads, a practice which makes me feel much, much better about the 50 or so titles piled on my nightstand table.Hornby's reviews are sly and insightful and he says a lot in a few words, and as a bonus for the fanboy stalkers like myself, they contain a lot of autobiographical references.I'm currently two books through the three-book set of reviews (the fourth is about to be released), and I'm sorta running through my list of friends who might be worthy of a recommendation.These are relatively fast reads and I admit to having read only a few of the titles (damn you Hornby for adding to my unread book burden!), but even if you didn't read any of the titles in the book, Hornby's reviews are worth the price of admission.Highly recommended stuff.