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Eye of Cat

Eye of Cat - Roger Zelazny Eye of Cat is a science fiction novel featuring one of Zelazny's best-ever characters. Billy Blackhorse Singers is a Navajo tracker so far removed from his time and people that he finally strikes a terminal bargain; he offers his own life in sacrifice because he finds little reason to live it.He does this to gain the help of an extremely dangerous extra terrestrial lifeform (named Cat) he once captured for an interstellar zoo. He suspects the animal is intelligent, and when it turns out he is intelligent (and vicious, and bent on revenge), Singer offers Cat his freedom in return for help - and a chance to kill Singer.Singer recruits Cat to help him stop an alien assassin, and after the two successfully prevent the assassination, the book kicks into high gear.Singer offers Cat his life, but Cat doesn't kill him, instead insisting on a hunt.Singer decides he's not finished, and the two begin a cat and mouse game that finishes in the half-real, half-mystical badlands canyons of Singer's youth. Rich in imagery and stunningly characterized, the book's only flaw is the growing reliance on symbols, which renders the last quarter of the book somewhat difficult to decipher. Still, a brilliant - and often underrated - book from Zelazny.