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Distrust That Particular Flavor

Distrust That Particular Flavor - William Gibson A collection of articles spanning several decades and a wide range of subject matter, Gibson's book doesn't scintillate on its own, but it's an interesting window into the thinking of an SF writer whose work has had an affect on both the SF industry and society in general.Gibson's a fine writer but admits he's not really a essayist, yet his observations of technology's influence on culture reflect the insight of a keen observer -- someone who sees things more clearly than most of us (this vision is certainly reflected in his books).That said, the span of time and lack of a context for several of these articles made the book an up and down read; I wasn't always sure about the setting for the piece, and in the end the book comes off as a collection of individual pieces (which is what it is, after all) instead of a coherent whole. Fans of William Gibson will love this collection of non-fiction articles. Those who are less enamored of Gibson's work will find pieces in here worth reading and a sometimes astonishing insight, but ultimately, the essay collection doesn't quite hang together.