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Otherwise Pandemonium (Pocket Penguins)

Otherwise Pandemonium (Pocket Penguin 70's #3) - Nick Hornby A pair of Nick Hornby shot stories which feel a bit like fragments or exercises. Both stories are wittily done -- both read a little like writing exercises instead of full-blown ideas -- but they're worth the time invested reading them.The first story ("Otherwise Pandemonium") is about a teenage boy who suspects the world is going to end shortly, and how he reacts to that suspicion. The second is about a family dealing with the revelation of their son's odd career choice, and how the mother finds the whole situation -- which others might find distressing -- oddly positive. There is nothing special here, and I wouldn't suggest -- even for a second -- that you buy the $11.99 ebook versions of this book on Amazon or B&N. There simply aren't enough words here to support that kind of price.I bought the book used and as a Hornby fanboy I'm glad I did, but I'd a lot less happy if I'd spent $12 for 56 pages. Enjoy it, but there's not much here, so enjoy it cheaply.