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Judgment - Lee Goldberg Written in the mid 1980s, Lee Goldberg's Judgement is jammed with violence, one-dimensional characters, sex, violence, odd coincidences and (wait for it...), yet more violence.In short, it's a pulp crime thriller, and within that genre, the above is wholly acceptable. I've read some of Goldberg's recent work, and it's light years ahead of Judgment, which is a fun, escapist read, but is too marred with leaden dialog to take seriously. I bought the Nook ebook (Barnes & Noble) containing all four of Goldberg's .357 Vigilante novels to read on a road trip; I'm through the first two novels and can say they served their purpose.They were diverting, fun (in places) and easy to digest in the chunks of time available to me (despite some funky formatting in the Nook version of the ebook).To steal from a better writer, those who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like. Still, for a better novel from a more mature Goldberg, try "My Gun Has Bullets," Goldberg's amusing (and cynical) perspective on Hollywood, wrapped in a crime novel. Good stuff.