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Flukes - Ken Levine This is a thoroughly enjoyable memoir by truly funny writer.Ken Levine is an Emmy-winning screenwriter (MASH, Cheers, Frazier and several others), so when he sits down and writes a memoir about a self-described tall, geeky, eyeglass-wearing, upper middle class Jewish kid from the San Fernando Valley stumbling his way through high school and college during the 60s, his take on that time -- and the trials of growing up -- is simply funny. This isn't heavy reading or an in-depth look at tumult of the 60s, but to his credit, Levine deals with those topics honestly (at least as much as they affected him), using events in his own life as touchstones for what was happening to the world around him.Levine writes a deftly funny sentence and yet his feet remain solidly on the ground, and I never got the sense he was engaging in even a little chest beating.What remains is amusing yet heartfelt and relateable. It's not a history of the 60s, but a history of one funny guy's journey through it and his contact with some of its icons (he was on The Dating Game, went to school with Ann Jillian and Jan Smithers, took dating advice from Zsa Zsa Gabor, etc).Great summer reading, especially if you lived through the 60s.