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Everyone's Reading Bastard

Everyone's Reading Bastard - Nick Hornby This is a work of short fiction about a divorcee whose vengeful wife details his many shortcomings in her weekly newspaper column (titled "Bastard").As usual, Hornby's characters are richly rendered (warts and all) and though this finishes on what feels like a half-note, it does draw a target on a culture -- and even a news media -- which has become obsessed with oversharing. As a fan of short fiction, I'm thrilled to see shorter works from well-known authors published as inexpensive ebooks, though this one comes with a caveat; $1.99 isn't a lot by book standards, but I read the 20-page story in 15 minutes, so you might want to weigh the cost/benefit ratio. Hornby fans will like Bastard, but those new to him might want to read High Fidelity or About a Boy for a better insight into his talents.