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Pray: Notes on the 2011/2012 Football Season

Pray: Notes on the 2011/2012 Football Season - Nick Hornby A fun read, and I'm on a Hornby kick so I'd buy pretty much anything he's written. That said, this is a wrapup of the 2011/2012 Premier League football season (soccer to us Yanks), and while I follow the sport, the piece feels like it missed a little. I'm thrilled by the idea that digital (ebook) publishing will make shorter works more attractive to writers. I love the short stuff.Yet pray had the feel of a slightly wandering newspaper column. "Shorter" doesn't have to mean quickly done, yet in places, I got that impression.It's still built atop the trademark Hornby wit and insight (though you probably should know something about English football to truly enjoy it), but it's short and not free ($2.99 US), and I'd think hard about recommending it to someone who wasn't a Hornby (or Premier League) fanboy.